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    Quote Originally Posted by Shuricain View Post
    Cool thanks for clearing that up.

    So if I were to start a level 7 wizard (Veteran II), would it be safe to just dump the extra ability points into Charisma since I won't be doing any melee and I'll have +4 strength enhancements for carrying stuff and fending off ray of enfeeblement?
    I've done it either way on various wizard lives. The main drawback for the min str wizard is that you have to stay lightly loaded for full movement speed. There is no visual indication of this, without actually looking at your inventory sheet, or noticing that you are running slower than normal.

    As long as you're planning to always have a max str item on for your level, and you have access to at least +2 tomes, you will be fine that way, generally. But you will need to make a habit of checking to make sure you are still lightly loaded after looting chests with armor in them.
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    Quote Originally Posted by DynaTheCat View Post
    Isn't the consequence of dumping into wis or dex.... you won't be able to dump into str or cha?

    So... you lose a few?
    I don't think you're using "dump" the same way.

    I've most often seen that when people say they "dump" a stat, that means they put nothing into it. Saying you're "dumping" points "into" a stat is just confusing the issue.

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