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    Default Web completly screwed up tonight?

    Anyone else having trouble? Our whole group just crashed two times in a row on two different attemps while dropping after first fight.

    The, whole, group, crashed.

    After first time we tried to keep going, then SEVERE lag hit us, making it impossible to do anything.

    Crashed in the exact same spot after going back in for 2nd try.
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    server was fine until a little while ago and our whole group went into a severe lag fest for a while. We were able to finish up what we were doing and just called it a night. Worst I had ever personally been in, but still seems to be less than some have mentioned in the past.
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    I had experienced a similar event in madstone crater, about 2 days ago. We ran the whole quest fine, then as we began to engage the end boss, my game crashed. I rarely get game crashes. I relogged to find that at least 4 of the 6 members had crashed at that moment. I would be willing to bet these crashes share a cause. I've seen in other games, bugs like this, where an action or item can cause all clients to crash under specific conditions.
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    Same thing happened in web last night bro. It happened at the end after we beat her down then started clearing the portal keepers. Only a handful of us stayed alive. By the time we all got back in it was a treat to get everyone up.
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