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    Default Niac's Cold Ray Cooldown?

    The tooltip and DDO wiki both list Niac's Cold Ray as having a cooldown of 2 seconds for wizards, but when I cast the spell with the UI countdown timer on, it shows it as 3 seconds. Am I missing something here?

    I tested it out by casting the spell as many times as I could in 10 seconds and pulled out 3 shots (which confirms my suspicion). Meanwhile when I cast Frost Lance, I get a cooldown of 2 seconds and am able to cast it 5 times in 10 seconds; which again doesn't make sense since Frost Lance is listed as a 3 second cooldown...

    What is going on here with the cooldowns?

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    I find that when you cast short cooldown spells quickly enough, the game can't keep up, and you might have some spells 'skip' their effect even though you have the casting animation. A good example would be casting buffs on yourself at the beginning of a quest (jump, nightshield, exp retreat, blur, etc etc etc). It's even worse on a sorcerer.

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