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    Default Draegloth instance crashing bug. Also cache issue

    This is on live.

    Problem 1: Arose after the launch of U17 (I believe)

    Casting hold monster and mass hold monster on draegloths seems to have a chance of crashing instances in both Beyond the Rift, and Caught in the Web (first optional, and second lolth). Has happened to myself 5 times (in less than 24hrs) and have heard of multiple other occurrences. Did not experience the same bug on the draegloth in Reclaiming the Rift. Edit: the glazberu (not sure how to spell it) cause the crash as well if you hold them, found out today.

    Problem 2: (Believe this is a known issue already)

    Went to my cache the other day after hitting the cap (shortly after u17 launch) and had some items disappear including 2 planar focuses. Filed a bug report and was told "the incarnation cache is not meant for long term storage." Nothing was in there longer than 2 weeks.
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    This was sloppily fixed. Needs to be fixed correctly.

    They fixed it by changing the mass hold animaiton to a gross green one.

    Restore the proper animation and fix this bug properly please.

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