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    Default The Silver Legion Periodical - Volume 1 - Issue #10

    23 February 2013 - Issue 10

    The Silver Legion is celebrating achieving the Guild Level 80
    milestone and taking possesion of their new Windspyre Gryphon
    airship. We are guild level 83 and growing everyday, working
    towards the guild level 85 Stormglory Typhoon airship. Watch
    out Eberron, here we come!

    To view all of our previous fun filled issues please go to our
    Issue Archives.

    Hello fellow DDOers,

    It gives us great joy to present to you this landmark 10th Issue
    of our Periodical. Since we started publishing this periodical the
    game has seen many changes, and has given our members even
    more fuel to add to the now roaring fire that is the Silver Legion
    Periodical. I hope you look forward, as I do, to all the varied
    ways we've made each other laugh as we've explored everything
    DDO has had to offer us so far, and all those laughs to come as
    we head into Update 17 and beyond!
    So sit back, enjoy, and don't forget to crack a smile

    Cloista Shadowblade of Cannith, Officer of the Silver Legion
    Cloista, Guild Medieval's Lord Crusader of DDO.

    Lets take a little tour of our new ship; it won't take long.

    Tamberlyn hanging out on the bowsprit of our new airship,
    admiring the view.

    Impromptu dance party, celebrating attaining the new level 80

    Our training dummy came with a wandering spirit on this new
    vessel. It's been known to walk about the deck, from the rails to
    about where Tamberlyn's water elemental is on the deck.

    Our guildmates can sometimes be found sleeping in the cargo
    hold, don't fall off the netting, its a long drop to the deck.

    The Officers Quarters - yep, its a bit crowded and we don't get any
    privacy. At night it gets pretty noisy too, all the officers have
    been known to snore loudly. That's when the kobolds come out of
    hiding and poke the offending snorer; the only thing is, that with
    so many needing poked the kobolds are kept so busy that they
    don't get to sleep anyway! It's another reason that "Kobolds
    always hate you."

    Say what you will, amongst the warren that is below decks, our
    galley has Bacon! Bacon, glorious Bacon, necter of the Gods!
    Hmmm Bacon...

    Regular maintenace still needs to be performed, even on a new
    ship. Here we see one of our Silver Legionaires performing a
    routine hull inspection.

    Shortly after obtaining the new ship we went to see an after
    market parts wholesaler and performance shop. Several hours
    later, countless platinum spent, and viola! Here is our artists
    rendering of the high performance model of the new airship,
    we've already put in a requisition for this baby. We'll be ready
    for the airship drag races as soon as the parts arrive.

    Valentines day can be rough, you just never know who might
    have a crush on you. Ankomst just said no to the beholders
    advances and wham! Instant soul stone, some creatures and
    their tempers, sheesh.

    Here we have a captivated audience by the Spinner of Shadows.
    The sunday afternoon/evening static group got an earfull, she
    really likes to talk about herself. No wonder she didn't have a
    Valentine's date. That explains her foul mood - no card, no
    flowers, and no chocolates.

    The DDO Adventures of GMPhilly
    (Accomplished Diablo II player extraordinaire)

    "I have never played an mmo, so to me DDO is an alien world
    that involves drowning a lot. I would love to offer some advice
    here on how my skills in the game made it a pleasure to
    play...but I drowned all the time in the training I won't

    "I have no expertise in DDO at all, unless you need assistance in
    drowning? I proved good at that, even so, I became a member of
    the online Guild, I hadn't got a clue what what I was doing, as I
    only joined to see how it was, that I was offered space within the
    Silver Legion was good to me, maybe it was simply because of
    who I am and people wanted my scintilating conversations, or
    maybe it was integration of the Guild as whole? Doesnt matter
    does it? I was invited, I joined the Silver Legion."

    "It took me three months to manage not to drown, the controls
    are kinda hard being used to the click and run options of D2,
    also being left handed I look like a drunk pianist when in fight
    After much consideration Philly eventually decides that Dwarf
    would be the perfect character race and in his own words
    defends his logic:
    "I have made my dwarf, after carefull consideration and looking
    at the facts and all the evidence before is my
    "Whilst Aragorn in LOTR's was an exceptional fighter and the
    bane of Sauron, Gimli was cooler, funnier, and got more of the
    Common sense which route I should take

    Community Administrator
    Guild Medieval
    The above story is all true. All the excerpts were taken from
    postings in the Guild Medieval forums as originally posted by

    Kramor sporting his new Lavender hair color. Looks like he's
    channeling his inner punk rocker. See what happens when your
    buddies get you to try the random hair dye drops. Should have
    just chugged that Potion of Wonder instead.

    Guild Medieval, founded in March of 2001, is committed to
    providing a drama free, family oriented, people focused gaming
    environment for its members across a multitude of online
    games. If this sounds like what you've been looking for, come
    check us out at
    Officer of The Silver Legion on Cannith

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    We are currently only about 400k renown from level 85 and the next ship,good work guys.

    Resistance is futile. You will be assimilated.
    Officer of The Silver Legion
    Knight Templar of Guild Medieval

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