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    Default Ying's Trade Stuff

    This could be yours!

    +4 DEX tome
    EE Steady Handed Armbands
    EE Adamantine Knuckles
    EE Belt of the Seven Ideals
    EE Shadowmail (Impulse)
    EE Wizard Ward (Corrosion)
    EE Gloves of Forgotten Craft
    EE Giantcraft Siberys Compass
    EE Allegiance
    EE Ring of the Stormreaver Prophecy
    Spidersilk Robes (INT +8 or CHA +3)
    Spider-spun Caparison (WIS +8, WIS +3, or DEX +3)
    Drow Smoke Goggles
    Seal of Dun'Robar (STR +7, Shatter +10)
    +6 Drow Khophesh of the Weapon Master (Exceptional Combat Mastery +5)
    +6 Drow Scimitar of the Weapon Master (Tendon Slice 10%)
    Scroll of the Antique Greataxe
    Scroll of the Bracers of the Claw
    Planar Focus of Prowess (CON +3, STR +8, or DEX +8)
    Planar Focus of Subterfuge (INT +3)
    +6 Devotion Dagger of Healing Mastery (+18 Implement bonus, 120 Devotion, 12% Healing Lore, Empower Healing II, tiny guild slot)

    I'm looking for:

    Otto's Irresistible Box
    Raid Bypasses
    Globe of True Imperial Blood (augment)
    EE Dream Visor
    EE Ring of the Djinn

    I'm on 8pm-midnight eastern time during the week, and often during the weekend.
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    Kobeyashi | Hamada | Ying

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    Kobeyashi | Hamada | Ying

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    Added more trade stuff and removed a few things I've acquired.
    Kobeyashi | Hamada | Ying

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    More loots and things I'm looking for.
    Kobeyashi | Hamada | Ying

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    Updated OP with new haves and wants.
    Kobeyashi | Hamada | Ying

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    Kobeyashi | Hamada | Ying

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