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    hey there, a buddy and mine are both looking for a role playing group, i cant promise ill be on every day as i work two different jobs, but i can make at least twice a week. is there anyone looking to start a role playing guild at all? or perhaps even have one looking for new players?

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    Heya! Sorry this didn't get replied to until now.

    Come to the Phoenix on Thursday nights! Usually we get busy around 10pm EST, but there are some that are there earlier, and we go until pretty late. You'll find most of us up the ramp in the loft.

    Don't be shy, and say hello. If you just come over and sit away from the group and say nothing, we'll probably figure you're waiting for someone to join you for the pit or are just observing.

    There are people there other days of the week, but it can be somewhat hit or miss. If you see me on Smudge (Magarette is the name in game, but she goes by Smudge), Nuadia, Kerta, or Lillari (I think that's all the ones I am playing actively right now...), just throw me a tell!

    Hope to see you in game!
    Characters of note:
    Cannith --Smudge, Lillari, Thrallia, Urja
    Thelanis -- Magarette, Nuadia, Kerta, Sayata, Urja

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    Yeah. Go person for catching this earlier than me.

    Some people are around earlier than that on Thursdays. RP groups are rarer, but they do exist.

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