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Thread: Orien lag

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    My laptop Windows 7 integrated video was having issues with lag and loading times with wireless internet and old HDD, but not as bad as my XP desktops. Seemed U17 was the worst update I have seen for bugs and poor performance. I would have to minimize DDO during loading and then when I maximized it I would get a faster blue loading bar to enter the world. Sometimes I would also have trouble minimizing DDO especially on my XP desktops.

    XP desktops were really bad, and I have a bunch. It might be outdated drivers for the old video card too, but I have had better luck running older drivers than newer drivers with most applications. Maybe updating the video drivers would have helped some, but odds are it might have been worse. Loading times were really bad too. I mean so bad I would go wash some dishes for the character initial entry into the world. It was not my internet cause it is fast 5 times over for DDO, and wired to the router.

    Well I got Windows 7 on a desktop. Now with this new rig (used 2 year old desktop refurbished Intel Duo) and a new video card with updated graphics drivers I am having zero issues. I also took the money I saved not buying a new desktop and got a SSD drive. About $450 total so far ($220 PC, $55 video, $30 sound, $120 SSD). Things were smooth without the SSD for the most part too. I got zero lag and loading times are awesome on the SSD. Before I got the SSD the HDD that came with the refurbished PC was not hanging up during loading, but was still better than the XP desktop and WIN7 laptop x10 for loading.

    I don't know if it is a combination of hardware and the bugs or what, and this is after the hot fixes from U17. I am having no real issues with DDO on Ultra High settings as of today.

    So have things gotten better for you guys after the hot fixes?
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    Options > UI Settings > Turn off all combat chat feedback - has worked wonders for my lag.

    I'm sure someone will try to jump in about my slow client and my crappy ISP so here are my system specs (note I have had the same issue on multiple fast PCS and high bandwidth ISPs as I do not play just at my house).

    My connection is 50 MB FIOS. My PC is running Win 7 64bit w 32 GB ram, 256 GB SSD, 3 TB drive, GeForce GTX 660, and an Intel Core i7-3770K 3.5 Ghz.

    As I've played a lot to include soloing (recently finished up my completionist) having combat chat feedback turned off immediately ceased all of the bad death lag soloing. And when I am grouped and have everyone turn it off I also have not run into the death lag. Sure in groups there are blips on occasion with this turned off but the difference in lack of lag has been huge.
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