I went there last night with my 9 (now 10) monk. What exactly am I trying to accomplish here? I read the wiki, and spoke to some AI folks, but I'm still confused.

As best I can tell, everyone is building up treasure maps and stuff to go on the quest itself. Once enough are amassed, the game announces that we can go to Crystal Cove. I went there one time and had very little idea what was going on and what I was supposed to do, other than protect Kobold workers.

Also, how do I know the strength of a pirate enemy on the world map before I attack it? I was doing fine fighting some guys who were in the CR 6-10 range, and then suddenly found myself fighting a CR 22! I got killed pretty quickly. Why can't we ascertain their strength beforehand?

So what should my monk be trying to get from this place, and how do I do it? What about my 21 Artificer?

Thanks for your help.