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    Default Static raiding group on Orien

    I will TR next week into Druid caster and as my first life consisted from choice between soloing the quests, which isn't such fun, and PUG zerg fest, I've decided to create a regular group, if there is enough interest. We will have to create two dungeon groups till we get to raids.


    1. We will play the game only in the group, no PUGs.
    2. Don't use AH. Only merchants are allowed or crafting by yourself or group member.
    3. No zerging. Take your time with the dungeons. I want to run them for story not only for exp and loot.
    4. Own at least some adventure packs. I'm not P2P myself, but have most of the packs.
    5. We'll discuss times and regularity of runs once we have enough people, but 1-2 runs per week is minimum. Also, I'm from GMT+1 timezone so I'm not looking for people with PST timezone (your evening is my night and my afternoon is your early morning/night, nothing personal).

    It would be also good idea to dedicate two members for crafting. So, is there anyone interested?
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