Having capped my Wolf druid (Human 17 Druid/2 Rogue/1 Fighter) and started working towards leveling destinies, I was hoping that someone might have some suggestions for optimal gearing/destiny choice. My initial instinct is to go Fury of the Wild for DPS and Unyielding Sentinel for survivability, but LD or Shadowdancer also seem to have positives.

This is the gearing I had in mind, so far:

Eyes: Dream Visor (Colorless)
Head: Black Dragon Helm (Green and Colorless)
Neck: Torc//Pendant of the Stormreaver (Yellow Slot)
Trinket: Planar Focus of Prowess
Cloak: ???
Belt: Mineral II
Ring: Holy Burst ToD
Ring: ???
Gloves: Backstabber's Gloves (Yellow Slot)
Boots: Halycon Boots (Green and Colorless Slot)//Treads of Falling Shadow
Bracers: Greater Convalescent of Superior Parrying
Body: Black Dragonscale (Blue Slot)

Shield: EN Wall of Wood
Weapon: Agony, Sacrificial Dagger

I really have no idea what to slot for Cloak and Ring. I was thinking Ghost-Waking Cloak at first, but many of the effect seem redundant. Maybe one of the Challenge cloaks (blech)?

For the second ring, I was initially aiming for Seal of House Avithoul with PDK Gauntlets, but Backstabber's Gloves seem better combined with the Bracers. Maybe Ring of the Djinn? Ring of Shadows to consolidate avoidance stats? Another ToD bursting ring?

I figure I already have ample slots on this gear list to slot the best stuff: PRR, Resistance, HP, a variety of +7 and +2 insightful stats to cover missing stats, etc.

Any suggestions are appreciated.