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    don't forget that AH is used to store things that won't fit in your inv before tr'ing

    and some are more useless than a +3 augment slot, i mean... medium guild slot ring w/o enchants for 2M (yes, ml1, but that ppl could send it to an alt)

    AH should have a 10% fee when posting, this way ppl would take it easier with the prices

    or would use more the forums-> less abusive deals/prices
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    Quote Originally Posted by onivedlav View Post
    I think the way it is now will promote more trades among players.
    And I think you're wrong. IME, players tend to hit loot all and move on, without even seeing what's in the chest, even on the end chests.

    Concerning the OP: People have been using the AH as additional storage since there was an AH. Dont' see why they would stop now, especially when dealing with an inventory sink like the augments.

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    Yeah that's what guild chests are for.
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    I'm sure it has been said before... but I had never thought of that! The AH for storage! Good idea!
    Shame I am out of rep for now! If I remember then tomorrow I will check back and +1! :-)
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    While I'm all for a better way to store these augments, I really think that the original idea was not for us to store it but to use them right away - constantly upgrading as we get new ones.

    • Augments seem to be plentiful - Certain quests in Gianthold I seem to net at least one augment crystal a run
    • You can add an augment over another, destroying the current one.
    • Without a store bought jeweler set you can't preserve/remove an augment to use else where.

    So maybe the problem is that we players are still seeing these Augments "As Too Valuable to Use" and in reality the Devs meant them to be to plentiful not too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sirgog View Post
    This is why the AH needs a fee overhaul.

    There is no reason that posting an item at 15k pp should cost the same as posting the same item at 1.5m PP.
    You probably remember when it was the other way around. It just discouraged items from being posted on the AH at all if they were "marginal".

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