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Fury is easier to play. Activate adrenaline, attack the mob. You deal 2000 damage or something. Now all your attacks on that mob get bonus damage from sense weakness. Keep attacking until the mob is dead. Repeat the process on the next mob. If your character has DPS or squishiness issues or you don't have the patience to think about positioning and timing all the time, go Fury.

LD gains dps from defensive abilities and good timing. A good LD will use unstoppable, unmovable and master's blitz to keep attacking when a Fury would have to stop. If your character is good enough to abuse LD abilities and you enjoy juggling clickies, go LD. It has more options.
Afaik unstoppable has never worked, so I don't see how it is relevant. Maybe I just don't know what counts as "crowd control" and what doesn't.