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    Default How to level as a caster druid?

    I really want to roll a caster druid, but at the same time, I think I want a little advice, some quick tips, on how to level up as a caster druid.

    Even if it involves melee, which I'm pretty sure it will.
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    There are undoubtedly quite a few good ways to make a caster druid, and what's here is just one approach to putting together a build.

    Keeping your druid upright
    - Keep Spring's Resurgence routinely up and hotkeyed for easy renewal on your wolf and your druid. I have spring's resurgence hotkeyed to "1" so that it can be easily and quickly renewed.

    Keeping your wolf alive and effective:
    - Take all defensive buffs for your wolf, reduce the wolf's threat level, and boost sneak attack damage for your wolf. Bring your druid into melee range with your wolf, so that Spring's Resurgence benefits both of you.
    - Your wolf is harder to select than your druid for healing purposes and to renew Spring's Resurgence, given the UI, so that's part of why it's probably usually better to reduce your wolf's threat level and focus on keeping your druid upright.

    toughness, maximize, empower, empower healing, spell focus: evocation (good for salt ray early, earthquake later), and so on

    Managing spell points:
    - At lower levels you'll have no difficulty; in most cases, flame blade and your wolf is more than enough. Once you reach level 7, use ice storm (later firewall) to take out crowds while you stand in the spell's AOE and melee with mobs.
    - Keep some damage spells with full metas (take the maximize and empower feats early) on a hotbar, so that you can take down large crowds in a hurry, if needed, and so a DOT is ready to go to quickly take out a boss

    - Healing amp is good, if you have that choice available
    - Otherwise, as per Season's Herald PrE, perhaps with some positive energy spellpower, to boost healing

    - max concentration, UMD, balance and perhaps diplomacy, if you think you'll use it

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    I rolled mine just like I rolled my offensive caster cleric. Usual feats, empower maximize, toughness, evocation focus.
    Maybe empower healing, quicken, heighten.

    Up your fire/cold damage depending on what form you prefer. Get your wisdom as high as possible and burn/finger/earthquake everything.

    Max wisdom/12 or so on str, 16 con rest in cha.

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    For leveling until 8th and 9th level slots open up go with wolf form caster. Feats in the order of Augment Summon, Toughness, Empower heal, Maximize, Mental toughness, Improved mental toughness. I've gone with the two mental toughnesses on my last 2 druid lives and not regretted it. For spells the 4th level lightning strike, drop that on an enemy caster, Greater Creeping Cold and Creeping cold are both great. The lesser one can take most things down in elites until you unlock greater, apply these on casters. With enhancements build for natures warrior and Reaving Roar, 100% chance for13d6 sonic damage centered on you when you kill something your level but drops 20% chance per level below you, which should go off frequently enough to down most melee trash. Another great spell is the wolf form frost breath, cone shaped in front of you, great for finishing off anything Reaving Roar didn't get.

    Once you have the 8th and 9th level spell slots you can go elemental for that 100% boost to fort, which is very nice. With fire form its kind of a mobile firewall.. i honestly enjoyed the water elemental and its ice/pierce damage spell more, which had about a 4 second cool down so was great to spam on groups of mobs.

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    My advice is to avoid the season herald. Yes you get a boost to spells, but only for 5 minutes and you have to pay attention to what season you are in as you might not be as effective with that spell you are casting at that time.

    I built my caster druid (level 19 now almost 20) with the Nature Warrior PrE. The reaving roar is awesome at lower levels and works if you use a spell to kill a mob or melee. Yes I do not have the bonus to casting, but honestly I do not miss having to pay attention to what season I am in so that I ensure I am getting the most bang for my spell points when casting spells.

    I did not take the natural fighting feats. I took the following feats so far on my human druid.

    mental toughness
    improved mental toughness
    SF: Evocation
    GSF: Evocation
    Shield mastery

    Epic feats planned are

    Epic mental toughness
    Epic SF: evocation

    No I am not worried about spell pen as there is not that many spells that I use that require it. Yes FOD is nice to use for single target, but I have not had to worry about it much this life as if there are casters usually two ticks of greater creeping cold and an earthquake keeps them from being an issue. I am mostly in elemental form now, although I do switch to winter wolf form if I need too for extra melee.

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    I also run my druid in the Nature's Warrior PRE for Reaving Roar. In all other respects, I am geared and feated out to be a caster. Typically I fight in melee and use the knockdown bite and frost breath (with the proc-on-crit for free spell points).

    Groups, fire wall / frost breath is usually more then enough. Maximize if necessary. For big, single mobs, maximized Creeping Cold + Greater Creeping Cold destroys everything.

    And when you get Word of Balance, that comes in very handy too for only 10 mana! There's some things that are immune (critters, animals, plants, etc.) but most things take a staggering amount of damage. And it's fun to nuke the Inevitable with it for full damage because he's Lawful Good.

    Take maximize, but not empower, and only use it for significant fights that require it (you dont' have the spell points to do otherwise really)

    Rely on a combination of melee + spells, taking advantage of the free SP proc on crits from wolf form.

    Non-maximized creeping cold, word of balance, and the lightning bolt thing (shh, i'm at work, not looking it up ) work just fine for taking out good chunks of health on a pull. I usually tag a side-mob (meleer / archer) with creeping cold or greater creeping cold (depending on difficulty level) and then focus on the casters while the DOT whittles them away.

    I really enjoy the style of fighting, fits real well for me. And I have heals memorized, so I like to keep a wizard-type hireling who can cast Haste on tap if i'm not worried about traps or the idiot standing in fire.

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