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    Quote Originally Posted by Ryiah View Post
    You're thinking of the "Desecrated Temple of Vol". This is the "Temple of Vol" in House Phiarlan used for "the Church and the Cult" quest.
    Ok, my mistake.

    But the same premise applies.

    That's a level 11 quest on elite, which is much harder to get the traps in a quest that is level 11 on normal.

    The OP is still 4 levels below the quest level, and would still qualify as being 'over his head' IMHO.
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    OP, nothing is "wrong". You're doing fine. I wrote a thread about this a couple months ago when I went through Gwylan's Stand on Hard and I was around level 5 or 6. I had all the best stuff I could get, + Human Vers, + Heroism, and I still couldn't spot anything, let alone find and disable.

    The game seems to be pretty strict on the quest level vs player level, ESPECIALLY if you boost the quest level even higher. Now that I am 20 I see/find everything and have still, to this day, never "blown" a trap.

    I agree that the team leader should have never expected you to be of any use with these traps, all things considered.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ryiah View Post
    Nice to see so many people correcting me and every single one of them produces a different increase total.
    That is because the difference is subjective to what someone has access to as far as items (including very rare twink gear), race, build.

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    You should also check out the "Trap and Lock" project on the Wiki. It's got good numbers on it. Anything you can write down while you're running and then update the page is appreciated too.

    For that mission -

    On elite, you're wanting 47s for Disable and 32 for Search/Spot

    On the character you described:
    INT = 18 (14 base + 4 Fox/Item + 2 ShipBuff)
    WIS = Assuming 14 (8 Base + 4 Owl/Item + 2 Ship)
    Items = +10 max for level 7
    Tools = +7 (for +5 tools)
    Hero Pot = +2
    Mechanic = +2
    Boost = +3

    Disable = 10 skill + 4 INT + 7 tools + 10 item +2 Heroism +2 Mechanic +3 Boost = 38 - you'd need to roll 9 to disable. And Crit-Fail on a roll of less than 4. Fairly safe. Might take a few tries for success, but only blows up on a bad roll.
    Search = 10 skill + 4 INT + 10 item +2 Heroism +2 Mechanic + 3 Boost = 31 - you're a point short. Maybe with the Voice of the master for luck. This also assumes you're using the same boost to search and disable - have a lot of boosts, only a few traps, or move quick.
    Spot = 10 skill + 2 WIS + 10 item +2 Heroism + 2 Mechanic = 26 - you're definitely not going to spot it, have to rely on someone that knows the mission

    On a level 11, running that mission (because it's 11 on elite) - assuming an additional boost enhancement (need level 12 for Mechanic II)
    Disable = 14 skill + 4 INT + 7 tools + 13 item +2 Heroism +2 Mechanic +4 Boost = 46 - you'd only fail on a 1, it would never blow up
    Search = 14 skill + 4 INT + 13 item +2 Heroism +2 Mechanic = 35 - even without the boost you're fine
    Spot = 14 skill + 2 WIS + 13 item +2 Heroism + 2 Mechanic = 33 - it's close, but you're ok
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    I can't speak to your specific situation, but, at lower levels, I found it more than occasionally useful for a Divine caster to take Find Traps and have that running in quests where it was doubtful that the Rogue/Arti's Spot was high enough to locate traps during regular movement and/or if no one knew the quest well enough to know for certain where the traps were located. You'll still have to Disable them or avoid them of course, but knowing where they are helps with both.

    OP- in my opinion you're asking an awful lot of your character to expect him to be able to reliably find and disable traps in quests 4 above your level. I'm not about to say that it is impossible to do so, as I'm sure there are some players who, through the effects of multiple past lives, absolutely top of the line gear for every occasion, etc. can do just that. But, if you're an average player, I think your expectations are a wee bit too high. All you can do is keep all appropriate skills at level (Search, Disable, Open Locks and I consider Spot to be important enough to include on that list, even if your WIS score isn't enhanced) and keep updating your gear to the best you can afford.
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    Quote Originally Posted by apaurin View Post
    Well played sir
    +1 to you

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    yep, what Sojourner said. is an invaluable resource if you are looking for benchmarks to be hitting at all level ranges.

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    One bit of equipment advice...

    Since both a prefix and a suffix add together to determine the items minimum level, NEVER get a skill item with a prefix or--if you can get a higher attribute boost--an attribute item with a suffix. So, a Clever +2 item of Disabling +7 might sound convenient, but if you can use a Clever +4 item or better at that level and a Disabling +11, you're killing yourself.

    So, pick a slot--I prefer goggles--for your skills and put your INT in either the headgear or rings. This is because all the skills can go on the goggles and--if you pick up something named that has a good combo of Search/Spot/Disable on them for a good minimum level, it's often goggles for rogues. Purchase or craft a set of goggles for the following:

    Persuasion (boosts UMD, crafted only)
    Disable Device
    Open Lock (craftable only)

    If you like, clickies can be had on goggles as well. So, haste is pretty easy to find. Don't put anything like Underwater Action on them though*...

    Then make a hotbar and put them on the bar in order. If you have a distinctive looking set--like the haste-clicky goggles from Chronoscope, it helps you make sure you have the right ones. Run with Spot selected, switch to search to search, disable to disable, then back to Spot.

    One other suggestion... Crystal Cove Spyglasses. If you plan on TRing, make an entire set and take them to Tier 3. They are usually as high as a single suffix item for the level, the Tier 3's might also give you a decent INT boost for a single slot and are a source of UMD boosting. If you get them, all you need is a set of goggles or other item for Disable/Open Locks...

    Good luck!

    * - There are a few quests where you have to search and/or disable traps in the water. not having to switch means more time. I suggest the Mire Boots from the Red Fens. It puts your Underwater Action in an unusual location that doesn't take a ring/headgear/goggle slot which can be pretty busy on a rogue or arti.

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