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Jaid did a good job outlining a lot of the stumbling blocks for DDO implementing psionics, but given what happened with druids and artificers, I can still see lots of ways for them them to give psions abilities that are flavorful and unique/semi-unique to DDO.

I can also see them recycling and updating a lot of existing mechanics.

Also, I can definitely see them conflating soul knife and psychic warrior and psion into one psionic class with different enhancement trees, kind of like druid. You could build a melee psion, a caster psion, etc etc.

I think the druid in particular is a good example of what Turbine could probably whip up: selectively taking some things they can implement (SOME wild shapes, SOME spells) and focusing on adding both recycled mechanics and a few flashy new things that, whether or not they are core to some other classes, are unique to psions in DDO (compare: druids getting earthquake and storm of vengeance but other divines not getting it).
I never thought of it that way. You could easily make just one psionic class. Then, you could take one of the three PrE's, psychic warrior, psion, or soul knife, depending on what feats, etc you take. They would have to have some sort of balance, like the original psion, if you specialized in a certain type of psionic 'school' you were weakened in another. Like if you took the psion PrE, you would lose physical offensive power like strength and dexterity, or if you took the soul knife, you would lose casting potential like caster levels and spell slots. I really love that idea.

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Some kind of displacement based CC ("repositioning mobs") would be really awesome. Throw mobs down pits or into traps. Some kind of melee conjured weapons or something along those lines would be also fantastic.
You just described the Soul Knife class. They make a short sword (which can be upgraded to a different, stronger weapon) out of psionic energy and wield it, splitting it into two, make vorpal strikes, tossing it, etc.