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    I vote for the duskblade from 3.5 phb2. This would give the paladin equivalent but with arcane powers. limit them to a certain list which does not include repair like in the book.

    Or even Dragon Shaman.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SealedInSong View Post
    Jaid did a good job outlining a lot of the stumbling blocks for DDO implementing psionics, but given what happened with druids and artificers, I can still see lots of ways for them them to give psions abilities that are flavorful and unique/semi-unique to DDO.

    I can also see them recycling and updating a lot of existing mechanics.

    Also, I can definitely see them conflating soul knife and psychic warrior and psion into one psionic class with different enhancement trees, kind of like druid. You could build a melee psion, a caster psion, etc etc.

    I think the druid in particular is a good example of what Turbine could probably whip up: selectively taking some things they can implement (SOME wild shapes, SOME spells) and focusing on adding both recycled mechanics and a few flashy new things that, whether or not they are core to some other classes, are unique to psions in DDO (compare: druids getting earthquake and storm of vengeance but other divines not getting it).
    Like the idea a lot to put them in 1 class with 3 different paths to follow.
    thanks (all) for the feedback already. I really hope it gets picked up whenthey want to implemnt the more psionic side of Eberron.

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