I was considering what kinds of Helf characters might benefit from a druid dilettante and came up with a few possibilities:

1. Cleric - What druid spells might be worth scrolling? My initial thought was firewall and a few other AOE spells or DOT spells, along with perhaps vigor spells and non-overlapping, but still useful buffs.

2. FVS - Can the shoulder cannon be boosted through the various "pack" spells? Otherwise, same as for cleric.

3. Any non-arcane character -- the draw would be the mix of buffs and healing / vigor spells, plus the ability to add some AOE damage into the mix, on occasion. I'm not certain that a druid dilettante would be better than cleric, though.

My sense is that arcanes would tend to prefer cleric over druid, in general, and there might even be fairly slim grounds to prefer a druid dilettante over other choices (especially cleric), for most characters. It might be attractive for flavor or RP reasons, though.