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    Default AM Wizard Gear Request - No Raid Items

    Let me start off by saying this is a 1st life Archmage Wizard that has not and will not do any Raids. This character is for duoing with a friend only. This guy is VIP with the expansion.

    Now that being said I am looking for some gear suggestions (non-raid items)...

    First for a good main hand item (1 hand for use with a shield - situation specific for equipping elemental resists shields when needed)...

    Also for some suggestions on some of the weaker items I am currently using... Trinket ... Rings... Helm

    Hers is a link to my currently equipped set:

    Thanks for your help guys...


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    well you have some good gear as is for not doing raids....

    Anathema or however its spelled from wiz king is nice, +1 to evocation, +100 sps
    Seal of House Szind would be nice +2 insightful int, +68 potency, wizardry IX
    any 1 handed scepter - tons out there now that give void boost, spell pen, would be nice..

    Ill come back when I think of some more stuff.

    Belashyrras Cleanesed scepter - Evocation Focus one from actue delirium would be very nice,
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    helm: PDK set
    goggles: random loot +8 int goggles
    necklace: WarWiz set
    trinket: tier1 Spyglass (for +1 exc int)
    armor: +3 int Spidersilk (can ask/pay someone to make a nonbound version into WarWiz set)
    cloak: Cloak of Night (this ml24?)
    belt: belt of heavy fort (not necessary if you're just doing EN/EH)
    bracers: WarWiz set
    gloves: PDK set
    ring1: crafted/random loot ring of greater false life (optionally with large/medium guild slot)
    ring2: crafted +2 secondary focus ring (optionally with large/medium guild slot)
    boots: Cannith boots of propulsion
    wpn: Staff of the necro / 120 spell power/superior lore element sticks

    Other more expensive/grindier options:
    +8 int ring*
    Electric Haze (gfl+heavy fort belt)
    random loot +3 necro/enchant/evocation dcs+120 spell power to element 1-handed weapon
    Adamantine cloak of the Dragon (eveningstar challenge cloak)
    epic ring of elemental essence

    *The +8 int ring will be MUCH less expensive come U17 due to more options for +8 intel.

    Can also get a random loot 20% heal amp bracers (w/ or w/out superior parrying) to swap to when you've used the WarWiz bracers' sp for a little extra effect from whatever's healing you(since you're a non-palemaster fleshy wiz).
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