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    Default first time caster

    i guess this is gonna be a longish post sry but if you dont ask youll never no and
    as ive got no real life friends who dont play melee's im relying on the good will of
    the forums to help me .

    after playing this game now for a couple years and only ever playing melee(ish)
    characters (19 fighter on 3rd life, 25 warchanter capped destinies etc 2nd life,
    22 battle cleric 1st life) ive decided it was time to start the tr train to learn the caster lives.

    so for my first life i decided to play a true neutral human palemaster, what i need is
    just some feedback on what ive got so far and what i should look out for in the future and
    basicly making sure im not doing somthing wrong.

    so without further ado heres rizaloo spawn of riz of sarlona at level 12 and 1 dot.please remember this is
    a 32pt build, first life, no greensteel etc etc

    hit points 236/256 - spell points 1081

    str 19 - 10 base, 6 item, +3 tome
    dex 10 - 8 base, +2 tome
    con 24 - 16 base, 6 item, +2 tome
    int 33 - 18 base, 6 item, 3 level ups, 4 enhancements, +2 tome
    wis 10 - 8 base, +2 tome
    cha 14 - 12 base, +2 tome

    armor, robe of shadow(4-20)
    eyes, blindness ward
    head, minos / helm of wiz vi
    neck, health+6
    trink, greater conjuration
    cloak, resistance +4
    belt, greater false life
    ring, greater evocation
    gloves, str +6
    boots, strid +30 / balance
    ring, intel +6
    wrist, greater spell pen vi
    weapons, 3 staffs glac/ice lore, comb/fire lore, mag/lighting lore

    feats i have(cant remember when i took them tho)
    spell focus necro
    greater spell focus necro
    insightful reflexes
    mental toughness

    enhancements, basic
    6 1 1 in flame
    6 1 1 in storm
    energy of scholar 2
    hum app intel
    race tough 2
    wizard intel 3
    wraith form

    when using wraith form and self healing is there away of boosting aura
    to heal for more? or do they not go as high as a clerics?

    for greensteel im thinking 2 items, one a con opp and the other a enervation guard
    one for hp and the other sp, no idea what items to craft boots, bracers maybe? any help
    here would be great.

    ive decided to go wiz then sorc then cleric dont no how many lives im gonna
    do will just play it by ear so to speak and see where i end up. ill probally be taking
    each life up to 21 so i can get some destiny stuff going, then again maybe not who knows.

    got to say at the moment its like playing a whole new game, ok i
    know the dungeons im running but with spells it puts a whole new
    dimension on things. i do seem to be running away a lot at the moment
    somthing im not used to but hey ho i hope it gets better.

    for feats at level 15 and 18 im thinking of spell pen, quicken and
    greater spell pen, does this sound about right?

    when playing the sorc lives and caster cleric will the same sort of
    equipment be used? well with the exception of wisdom and charasma items instead
    of intelligence. also wondering if it is posible to get a fixed item list that would do
    for all lives or is it mix and match?

    must say im loving this spell stuff, ive no idea what spells are good and not but
    learning is so much fun.

    anyway enough of my ramblings for now thankyou for reading and hope im doing ok.

    your friend sil

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    To boost the aura you need nullification and lore. There is no wizard nullification enhancement line, so you will have to rely on the PrE bonus and items for these bonuses. PM self healing can be very effective, but more so once you get the level 20 shadow robes + bracers of the demons consort + torc.

    I thought you said this was a TR ("ive decided it was time to start the tr train to learn the caster lives"), but then you said first life? I'm confused there. For GS I would recommend probably a con-ops blindness + SP + SP item and Min II (HP/HP/HP +5 cha skills) accessory slotted wherever fits for you (helm and gloves?). The torc and con-ops will be hugely useful on ranger and paladin lives in addition to all the caster lives. Having a +6/+1/+2 int (or cha) weapon is nice for TRing also.

    Your feats look good so far. Once you hit 18 and get lich form you can dump mental toughness and pick up something like enchantment focus. The tricky thing on a wizard is that greater spell focuses can't be taken with wizard bonus feats, so you have to be careful with swaps.

    I think most people (myself included) will advise you to swap out fire for ice once you get through gianthold. Fire will be nearly useless in vale and amrath, and ice has the best boss beater (niac's, tied with eladar's), the best single target nuke (polar ray with no save/SR), good area dot (ice storm) and good area nuke (ottiluke's) with really no weakness other than skellies (so use acid, elec, or force as backup).

    As for the differences in casters.... Wiz and Sorc play similarly. PM achieves kills through insta-kill (you are just about to hit the magic level 13 where this starts) and as such can often times out-kill a sorc using fewer SP, but a sorc has unrivaled damage and is the ultimate in boss killing. A properly geared PM is tough as nails and hard to kill, and a WF sorc has huge burst self-heals also (you'll get differing opinions on which is better). Both are very fun to play.

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    inouk thx for your reply.

    you say that to boost aura its nullification and lore, thx for that.
    my robes of shadow will do for that then. as for demons consort and
    torc thats the demon sands raid i think so as ive never run that one,
    (countless times flaged) ill have to find a group willing to take a first timer.
    shouldnt be to hard i hope.

    what i ment to say was this is the first life of a multilife caster sry for confusion
    there with the tr bit.

    for greensteel you recomend con opp and min11 cool, is enervation guard no good?
    it looked like it could be in the planner.

    you suggest to dump mental tougness when i get lich ok will do thx sounds good.

    id heard fire wasnt much cop when hitting vale, good to no somone else agrees ty.

    i had thought of going ice and elec from vale onwards, do people recomend adding a third
    7-1-1 line or is it just 7-0-0 ?
    if im using ice will force boost the damage further? or is it one line per only?

    you say level 13 is where it starts for pm so im guessing thats 7 level spells, from what i can
    see in the wizard bit on the compendium the only kill spell is finger of death but isnt this similar
    to necro bolt or am i missing something here?

    anyway thx again for your reply
    your friend sil

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    Finger of death is an insta-kill and necrotic bolt is spell that you get from PM2 and it does a bit of negative energy damage in exchange for a few hit points, but does not instantly kill your target. You will have access to other insta-kills other than FOD if you have them inscribed - power word: kill, wail of the banshee and circle of death (AOE insta kills), phantasmal killer (however, the save for PK is illusion so your DC may not be high enough to use effectively in EH/EE), and perhaps there are others that I am forgetting

    Your feats look good to me. Could easily drop empower and take enchantment focus. Palemasters cannot add metamagics to their SLAs so empower is not as useful to a PM as it might be to other casters. Insightful reflexes are a must have for survivability and I'm happy to see that they are on your list ^^

    As for which element to take enhancements in - you said you have a cleric past life? If so, acid may be a wise choice since cleric pastlife gives +1 to conjuration and acid spells are conjuration. The acid DOT does not stack though so ice might be a better choice in the long run.
    Fire is great since firewall is so awesome but it would be useless in vale and amrath.
    The great thing about wizards is their versatility. You can prep your spells before each quest or even in quest after shrining, and pick the spells that are going to work the best (IE: prepping dead to undeath and disintegrate before wiz king, acid spells before adq2, etc).

    Enervation guard is not too bad but I would only pick it if I had already picked all the other effects I wanted (con-opp, hp, sp..) and still had to pick another effect. Charisma skills are also nice for the bonus to UMD - but I'm a bit of a UMD junkie

    It sounds like you're doing just fine! The fact that you are willing to learn is a great attribute and I wish you the best - I am sure you will do very well.

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    typical build, Only thing I would do different is go 12 str and 10 CHA, first 6-8 levels SPs are low and you wont have enough to get thru quest or possibly to a shrine, nuking, you will want to have masters touch and web everything and beat it down, while conserving SPs, Found that out my first life PM...the extra str and dmg, and to hit will help and make it alot quicker...

    I also went Archmage prestige with enhance until around lvl 12, then went PM, its alot of fun youll find out.


    Con Opp goggles - +4 int skills total and +5 cha skills total with +250 sps, first Item i made,
    ASH II Enervation Guard Gloves (+45 HP, i think they are +4 str, +5 con skills)- 2nd Item I made, I went here with 2nd GS item, because didnt have any awesome caster type gloves
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