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    Question First Time Non Evoker FvS.

    So I have a few questions regarding layout of my 3rd life FvS. I played my first life as a pure evoker build and had a blast nuking the old epics, but I would like to incorporate a bit more melee into this life. My aim is to use a half-elf with scimitars.

    1. Pure 20 FvS vs 18/2 with monk splash?
    To be honest, I do not see the capstone being as important as it used to be. Defense has shifted away from DR towards PRR, and let us be honest... the capstone is not quite geared towards PRR. The 2 monk allows me an increase in dodge, as well as giving me evasion and some feats. My playstyle does tend to be a bit more reckless. High risk, high reward. Other major concern is that I want implosion, but will be limited to mass heal. I cannot afford the amount of scrolls needed to solely scroll mass heal.

    2. How much STR is acceptible?
    I am not sure how much STR is going to be required for this build. To-hit is not an issue, but overall melee damage is. I primarily will be using dual Lit-II scimitars onec I hit 12, and before that swinging a Carnifex. Can I get away with 16 base STR and no level ups, as long as I keep appropriate gear and clickies etc.?

    3. What kind of scimitars are worth the investment beyond my Lit-II's?
    First time going beyond level 20 with this life, and have no idea what lies ahead of me on the weapon front.

    4. Feat selection... dun dun dun...?
    This class is feat starved! I will not need Maximize AND Empower. I was more than capable with only maximize on a first life no tome toon. What I am wondering is can I afford to drop Empower AND Heighten for a deeper forray into the TWF line?

    Not gonna worry about the ED's atm as I have not had a chance to use anything other than fatesinger... so thanks for the input ahead of time... trying to tune out a jewelry party in the background. Silly wife wanted to host it!

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    I can't begin to answer some of those questions, but I do have a few thoughts from my FvS/Mk experiences:

    1) I've been raid healing for about 2 years at cap (20 and 25) without Mass Heal, and with FvS spellpoints it isn't that hard. If you want to be totally secure and still take Implosion you might have to make a sacrifice elsewhere (extra feat for empower heal, or 120 devotion on a weapon, or drop a lvl 8 spell for Cure Critical Mass) but in my experience its worth it. With EDs a good implosion DC isn't that hard, even if your reserving it for lower difficulty content.

    2) On feats: I'd say Maximise is a must, and as much of the TWF line as you can fit. On an 18/2 human build I currently have 3 metas, 4 dc feats and space for GTWF, IC:Slash and toughness, though I don't have Power Attack. Without Implosion you'll probably get more out of Heighten than all the spell focus feats.

    3) Don't rule out ED thoughts early, as it has a big baring on a FvS in one way: Spell Pen. If you aren't sticking with the Sentinal/Angel then you're taking a -5 to spell pen off the bat, and it takes a *lot* of dedication to get decent numbers for endgame with that burden, so you might want to skip Spell Pen feats/APs entirely. Without Implosion nuking/BB is probably just as viable.

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    I went fighter with my old 18/2 Half-Elf. Monk works too ... you're really talking PRR vs. evasion. Feats: TWF, ITWF, GTWF, Toughness, Improved Crit, Power Attack, Quicken, Maximize, Empower. That totally works, has great DP / searing / etc. and can work with the Fighter 2 or Monk 2 splits.

    Are you planning on hitting WIS-based DCs? You don't need to bother with them if you prefer to go a different route.

    Other scimitars I like: Fang of Siberys (lords of madness), Brigand's Cutlass (crystal cove), Kronzek's Cruelty (carnival), Cruel Nobility (web of shadows), Mirage (sands), Swailing Blade (druid's deep) ... plus there's one that gets updated with the new GH (and the lower level one may get a slot)
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    This link has a build you might like.

    If not, there is a link in my signature that may be helpful.
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    Almost any scimitar with Superior Bloodletting will do well. Obviously you want Mauling or Mangling if you can get it, but those are incredibly rare, so don't hold your breath.

    You could also consider going Oathblades instead of Scimitars. The Oathblade innately has a scimitar crit profile, does good damage, and in U17 it is getting bumped by .5[W] because of the Vorpal changes. You'd need to either be Lawful or have good UMD to do that, though.

    To melee, you want: Power Attack, I/G/TWF, Imp Crit.
    To cast you want: Maximize, Empower, Quicken
    Ideally you also want to squeeze in: Toughness

    That's 9 feats, out of 11 for a 2 Monk splash.

    Anything above those is gravy, and depends on preferences. Heighten, Empower Healing (for ED healing abilities) would be the next things to look at.
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