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sounds like a pretty lame list so far :P age is a real good pally, rahmanii is a great AA (altho i think hes a monk) kelray probally has the highest evocation dc outa all fvs. dfective and wahan battle it out for top pvp toons regularly. every gordoll toon is great and his wizzy is probally the best cc in game. all the while rumomo's palemaster insta kills everything. last time i saw loulani (which i assume is lou) she had a quarterstaff in her fvs hand so thats auto fail :P menz's rogue builds have been bitten by 1/2 the server and still counting. zonnix zergod r both really solid players. and then there is tyranous.....he's in a league of his own
I stopped reading this as soon as you had Kelray as top FVS on the server.

Pretty sure Morai is the best FVS on Sarlona.