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    Default Caster TR Advice Needed

    This is the 3rd life for my main Wizard.It has 1 Sorcerer pastlife,and including this one 2 wizard.

    my evocation is off the charts.I have the supreme tome bonus,and now i dont know what life will be next.I have the most fun with a caster and will keep doing it life after life.

    Given my build potential dose anyone have build links for a good choice that is fun for a vet to play?
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    I'm actually in the same spot you are - 1 Sorc life, on second wiz, and I'm thinking of trying a caster FvS for my next life. Although sometimes I think I want to just do another sorc life

    But I want to try FvS next because if I DON'T like it that much, then it's not several lives in where it takes that much more xp.

    I don't have the build all worked out yet, but do plan on taking all of the standard caster feats. Will probably start with SF: Enchantment at level 1 so I can Command things for my friends to hit easier, and then swap it for Heighten some time later (when I want to heighten my BBs).

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    answered your own love caster and want to keep playing it, do another wiz life you get your +6 max spell pen, then either sorc or FvS, FvS pl gives +1 stacking spell pen and stacking spell points I think...or Sorc PL gives +1 dc of evocation spells which is even better if you go back to wiz evoker, or sorc evoker, or FvS evoker which I am currently playing..

    my build:
    2 sorc PL, 3 Wiz PLs, 1 FvS PL

    Currently 2nd FvS life, My dcs are very nice, and with PLs have +7 stacking spell pen (+6 from wiz{+2 each life} +1 FvS PL), and +2 Evo DCs (sorc)

    Implosion and Destruction work contantly in epic hard, havent done much epic elite, but it doesnt land as often, and spell pen constantly gets through on the drow in underdark and eveningstar...

    But do another wizard id say,
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    I'm going to do a illusion/necro wf AM next life. A little different and PKing everything is a blast.

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