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    My group is all going Druid for our next life, but we still want a trapper and the task has been given to me. So Im thinking 2 Rogue / 1 Fighter /17 Druid.

    This should provide plenty of trapping ability, as well as the Feats I need, Im figuring Rogue at 1 and 8, Fighter at 15 (Druid Pre at 7 and 14).

    I can get 3x Natural Fighting, Imp Shield Mastery, Precision, Aug Summon, Toughness, and I can swap a feat out some time after level 12 and get Imp Crit: Bludgeon.

    The question is, do I just stack Str and focus purely on damage, or do I still stack Wis and go for high DCs?

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    As a druid with a bit of rogue i believe 14 int and con would be the starting points, the SP gained from wisdom is minimal (i believe its 1 or 2 per wis mod per level) but i still feel wisdom is more important for the DC on wolf abilities. The trip/bluff/freeze stuff is just too good to pass up. That said so is normal damage.. so 14 str is probably the minimum if you want to carry various dr breakers/smiters/banishers.. pet gear... my druid with 2 rogue typically had 3 bags of gear totaling 500-1200 pounds at any given time, so less than the 14 str would have been rough early on.

    Of course with several druids and i would assume the dogs setup to bluff/sneak attack your pack won't be short on damage so it really shouldn't be too big an issue for leveling. Build so you can cover the traps with enough Int, plenty of Con, then whatever you choose on str vs wis.

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