Currently I am a 11/3 Druid Light Monk, H-elf, don't have access to stats (24hr maintenance). I am on the fence about where to take this character, primarily melee, cold damage, and self healing.

Feats are: Rogue-Dilly, Toughness, Power Attack, Past Life Monk, Natural fighting, Stunning Fist, Dodge, Augment Summons

If I go 11/9 Druid Dark Monk
I enjoy the Winter Wolf form, the spells and Shrike are pretty great, but without a Shield I am losing out on a lot of Doublestrike but I have, decent Sneak Damage, ToD, and some decent attacks.

If I go 12/6/2 Druid Dark Monk Ftr
I still have Winter Wolf form, 2nd lvl Prestige, decent Sneak Damage, and a few more special attacks but still low Doublestrike.

If I go 13/7 Druid Monk
I will go Fire Elemental and run TWF with handwraps, I has a monk in two previous lives.

If I go 13/4/3 Druid Fighter Monk
I will go Fire Elemental, run TWF, and have better attacks.

If I go 17/3 Druid Monk
I will go Fire Elemental, run TWF with handwraps, and have better spells.

I group alot and I don't want to be a waste of a party slot.