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    Default Silverstar - VIP Req (F2P possible)

    Guild open to players of all levels and skill - VIP priority

    I've decided to start a new guild on Ghallanda aimed specifically at VIP players. I don't have anything against F2P really, except that there is a lot of content out there that I simply can't do cause there are very few people around to do it with - that, or they are already guilded.

    So, if you're a new VIP player, or an existing F2P player who will actively attempt to unlock the different packs (with particular ardor), that is the type of place I want to create and you are welcome to join me.

    A few things;

    1. I don't like drama. Make an attempt to keep that out of the guild. If you have a problem with someone, take it to tells. If you have a severe problem with someone (ie, they wronged you in some way), bring evidence of said wrongdoing to me and I will act accordingly.

    2. I've never raided in this game, but I have a basic understanding of how the loot system works. My desire is to create a raid setting where if you get something you cannot use on the character you're currently playing when you get it, then ask everyone else in the group if they need it (applicable classes only apply). If they don't need it, you are free to do what you will with it. This is a need before greed environment.

    3. I understand people have lives and can't play as often as they would like, or have some other obligations that must be met. I will not remove people for inactivity unless certain conditions are met (like I can't recruit more people to the guild and they've been gone for months). However, since this is a VIP setting, it's likely it will never get to that point. Worth noting. As a side note; I would appreciate it if you stay active during your tenure. If you're starting to get bored with DDO, or find something else that takes up the majority of your time, I won't be upset, just let me know beforehand if possible.

    4. One of my particular pet peeves is when someone joins my group (in a quest, not wilderness) and then runs off on their own in some random direction to do whatever they want to do, and advance the quest on their own terms. I'm sorry, but that just rubs me the wrong way. If you want to do that, start your own group or run solo (because that's practically what you're doing anyway). I like my groups to stay together whenever possible, unless specifically noted before we start. I don't want those rambo-type players around me - they just irritate me (and it's worse when they can't handle what they're trying to do and expect me to come to their rescue... ugh).

    5. Voice chat is not really my thing. If you want to use it, go ahead, but I have no particular requirement on this front. I will likely not even use it myself, though I will turn it on if we have someone who would like to use it and is leading a raid or whatever.

    6. **IMPORTANT** Unless the guild wants to do this, and we have a solid group of people that are ready and willing, right now this is just the recruiting phase and I don't have any particular plans at the moment. In short; I'm not trying to rush to raid, I just want people around who are also VIP players and are open to groups on occasion. That being said, we can do things as the opportunities present themselves, but as for right now, the guild will mostly just be a gathering point for VIP players of all levels.

    That should be it, but I may come up with more as time goes in.

    If what I've said here interests you, please send Arushni a tell in game, or mail. Since I'm the only one in the guild at the moment, it may be a bit before I get back to you, so please be patient.
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    Any special reason you didn't just run a few quests, display some ability and then ask one of your party members if they were recruiting atm?

    Did you mention which timezone you were in so your potential guildies can see if you'll be on at the same time as them?

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    I looked at other guilds, but didn't see any that interest me, or at least wanted to do the things I wanted to do.

    I am central time. Being that it's a new guild, and not very many members (just me and another), it would help to get people regardless of time zone and then we can work from there.

    Also, saw in other thread that the guild was closed, or reporting closed. It's not. The guild was being used by another character of mine that I didn't play anymore, so I disbanded it and remade it on my primary. I wasn't high enough level to send out invites yet in mail, so it didn't really matter to me to lose that exp.
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