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    Default Update 17: looking for advice (gear list, feat selection, ED)

    (Sorry for my bad english!)
    I'm really a noob, playing a caster fvs, but I was thinking about how to gear my fvs during this update, and I came up with this list (kowing I won't have anytime soon this items, but it is just ideal)

    armor: Cormyran Green (power store, toughness, resistances +6, +10 proof against poison, acid res + acid absorb)
    trinket: Idol of fortune (hfort, dodge 4%) (1° upgrade: Yellow Slot, 2° upgrade: +3 good luck)
    goggles: Intricate Field Optics (+3 ins wis, True Seeing, Yellow Slot, green slot)
    head: Helm of the Blue Dragon (+3 ins cha, green slot, Yellow Slot)
    back: Stormreaver's Tablecloth (+8 int, +8 cha, +2 dc) (1° upgrade: Yellow Slot, 2° upgrade greater spell pen 9)
    bracers: Greensteel (conc-op +150 sp)
    boots: Halcyon Boots (2 temporary sp, Dexterity +8, Striding +30%, Potency +80) (1° upgrade Yellow Slot, 2° upgrade green slot)
    belt: Greensteel (+45 hp, blurry)
    ring: Seal of house szind (+7 wis, 225 sp)
    ring: Ring of Shadows (Lesser Displacement, Ghostly, Yellow Slot)
    neck: +8 con (random generated)
    gloves: Gauntlets of Immortality (devotion +120, superior healing lore) (1° upgrade: yellow slot, 2° upgrade: colorless slot)

    as weapon set
    Crystalline Scepter Spellcasting Implement +21, Combustion +120, Superior Fire Lore, +3 dc evocation (orange slot)
    Bulwark of the Storm's Fist Shield Bonus +16, DR 14, Sheltering +15, Insightful Constitution +3, (Purple Augment Slot, Blue Augment Slot)

    I would have:
    7 Yellow Slot : 200 sp, 7 str, deathblock
    1 Purple Augment Slot 7 resistances
    1 orange slot : 114 radiance
    1 Blue Augment Slot : 35 hp
    2 green slot 7 natural armor
    1 colorless slot : +1 exp all stat (named augment)

    i think i could slot some res into the remaining slots.
    With this gear setup i'll be missing a lot of hamp and greater false life.
    Any suggestions?

    I noticed a lot of caster fvs have the abishai set. Is it still worth wearing? does the +3 caster bonus stack with the +5 given by the exalted angel ed (or with the +3 in the evo school given by the magister one?)
    I was wondering what the implosion max caster level was (and if i read correctly the twilight caster bonus enchantment doesn't apply to it and to the majority of my spells, right?)
    Last, but not least, what should i twist? When i'm not heavly healing i usually stay in my magister ed (+3 spell pen, +3 evo dc, +3 max caster level and caster level + some nice effects on my evo spell) with the +10% sp twist from the angel destiny and +3 spell pen +3 evo dc from the draconic one. Is it a good choice or am I doing something really wrong?
    When I heal I usually keep my exalted ed with the elemental absorbtion buff from the shiradi, the druid hot and the +40% fort from the sentinel (and i drink my yugoloth potion). Some suggestions?

    I'm on my second life (first one was a cleric, urgh) and I took the whole evo focus feats, the spell pen ones (and both the epics), empower, highen, quicken and a toughness.

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    Why Combustion / Superior Fire Lore ?

    Crystalline Scepter Spellcasting Implement +21, Combustion +120, Superior Fire Lore, +3 dc evocation

    Wouldn't Impulse be a better choice on a 1-hander.

    I also don't see a +8 Wis (you have +7 ring) and +3 Insightful Wis item in your gear list. Caster FVS are going to want the highest wisdom they can get.

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    edit: i forgot to mention the +3 ins wis on the goggles. I could swap the helm with a +8 wisdom one and slot +2 ins cha since it's less important.

    The club is for the +3 evo dc
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