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    Default problems with arty spells


    I think this is a bug but not sure.

    I have repair Serious wounds in my arty which is a permanent in book spell. I dragged Inflict seriuos wounds to another slot as well for a particular quest. Now it wont let me drag either spell from my book as it says their permanent.

    How do i drag inflict out as i never use it, repair is my permanent book spell, only had this issue after dragging repair in at a later date.


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    You don't.

    Consider the individual versions of "Inflict" and "Repair" spells to have reserved slots... If you don't choose/inscribe those specific spells the slots effectively don't exist. They don't even have to be equipped in the tavern... They activate the moment they are acquired. All you have to do is drag them to a Hotbar.

    I don't bother to choose these spells when levelling, as most are available cheaply as scrolls to be inscribed. I use my levelling spell memorization for those spells either not available as scrolls or are much more expensive to buy.
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    Don't worry, there are always two extra slots for 'repair' and 'inflict' spells on lower spell levels.

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    Is there any way to quickly find out which spells you don't have one you are capped?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Forzah View Post
    Is there any way to quickly find out which spells you don't have one you are capped?
    Quickly? no - I compared to the list of arty spells on ddowiki.

    For those scrolling spells arties usually get, there _is_ a consideration to keep in mind - arty spells are actually infusions and don't suffer from arcane spell failures (i.e. if you're wearing medium armor when leveling). If you're failing to cast due to ASF, swap back ot the arty-inherent infusion... at least till you level up some.

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