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    Default How does Spell Power affect Regenerate??

    Ok. As I understand it, spell power is reduced for Heal & Regenerate (50%). My main question is this: Does spell power affect any of the effects of Regenerate OTHER than the 1d6+cl hit points? Not that that is a terrible thing, just curious what all the effects are.

    Assuming I have enhancements that grant 65 positive spell power plus a Devotion 60 item with implement bonus of 15 for a total Spell Power of 70 ([65+60+15]*.5). If I add in Empower Heal, that would bring the total Spell Power to 107 which means that when I cast the spell, I (target) will gain 2.07(1d6+cl) Hit Points every 2 seconds for 8 seconds. Will I also get 2.07(2 ability points restored/ 2 secs) + 2.07(1 level drain restored & 1 bleed effect removed/ 3 secs) or does the spell power only affect the hit points restored?

    My reason for asking is that I am building my druid as a mainly melee druid but I don't want to gimp his healing abilities too much. As such, I am trying to minimize the Metamagics that I choose as part of my 7 Feats (9 counting Epic 2). I am looking to only take Empower (or maybe Maximize) or Empower Heal, not both. Suggestions?
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