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    Default The Juggernaut VS. Tukaw VOTE!

    Im wanting to make a character like one of these. BOTH ARE AWESOME and can be 1st life! (Not Reccomended but still) I love melee and casting buffs or something. Its insane! So what do you guys pick on enjoyment, who would win in a fight, who can be the better 1st life, who is THE BEST!



    Just say which one wins, which you perfer


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    In a fight? um, who ever gets the first hit, since player hp doesnt match player damage output.

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    In a fight? The Juggernaut, because of manyshot + adrenaline.
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    *I posted this in the Juggernaut thread...It is still applicable

    I see the ranged option as what separates the Jugg from the Tukaw.

    Both are really hard to kill...

    Tukaw uses SP and 2-3 feats (Max, emp and maybe heighten) for ranged dmg...which lowers your staying power due to loss of SP for healing...

    Jugg uses arrows and bolts for ranged dmg...BONUS feats from Arty can be used to get Manyshot.

    Plus by forgoing DCs and offensive casting you can focus on other things.

    The easiest way to make a bad toon in this game is to try to do too much... 10Cleric/10Sorc comes to mind!

    The Jugg leverages Bonus feats to make it work.
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    With EDs, I'd prefer the Juggernaut I think. The downside is really the smaller
    SP pool and cooldown on Reconstruct. With Tenser's, Tukaw can't dot effectively
    as the cooldown is too long.

    Juggernaut has many more feats hence can make full use of Manyshot.
    Juggernaut has (arguably) better combat buffs. There aren't any clickies with
    Deadly Weapons for example.
    Juggernaut can have full trap skills which is very useful on EE.

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    It's like comparing a breech loading rifle and a the best bronze knife the ancient Greeks could make.

    Both were great at what they do ... in their relative time period.

    The Tukaw build (and I've run one recently) is not as relevant in the modern era.
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    Juggernaut has to be better atm than the tukaw, do to a few factors.

    #1 higher BAB
    #2 more feats
    #3 ranged dps
    #4 better skills/points
    most importantly
    #5 the juggeraut (arti main class) does its classes main role.. buffing, traps, and dps.

    The tukaw is basically taking the main advantage a sorc gets (casting spells) throws it out the window in order to be become a melee self sufficient type with utility and some spells.

    Druids have effectively made the Tukaw trail in all areas IMO, better dcs, more dps potential, more of basically everything a Tukaw can, without being restricted to the Warforged race, lvl 9 spells with evasion.

    However, (cheap plug) the golden roach(16fvs/2pal/2monk dwarf) is/was more durable, and potent than both from a group aspect because he has better saves, more HP, doesn't lose his main spell casting focus (mass healing), can be healed by others effectively, and minus the ranged damage aspect, can do better single target dps via GTWF dw ax.

    traps + ranged dps < ability to heal/tank groups/raids IMHO
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    Not even a contest. Tukaw was a fun, wanna-be-melee hybrid build of it's time exploiting a few good item mechanics. Juggernaut is a solid melee build pushing several avenues efficiently.

    Apples n oranges, sorry. Products of different eras.

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    ya theirs no comparison. It's the chuck Norris. And in a previous life, chuck was a robot jugger who tore the soul from a banshee to become more human.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Steveohio View Post
    However, (cheap plug) the golden roach(16fvs/2pal/2monk dwarf) is/was more durable, and potent than both from a group aspect because he has better saves, more HP, doesn't lose his main spell casting focus (mass healing),
    FvS 16 doesn't get Mass Heal spell, so his mass healing is crippled tho..

    As for Juggernaut vs Tukaw, I think first have an edge now.

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