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    Default Dragon AI changes - testing the impact on heroic levels

    Not sure if I will be able to do this or not myself, but I'd like to see the impact of the dragon AI and attack mode changes on a few encounters.

    Dragons (other than the Tor dragons and the post-MOTU ones) have been dumb for most of DDO's history, and so as a result they have been given very high stats to compensate. Aussircaex for instance has stats comparable to those of Arraetrikos despite being designed for 4-6 players rather than 10-12.

    Specific things I want to test (or ask others to if I can't). If you run any of these, please post feedback here.

    1) Velah, Heroic Elite at level. (Not sure if she has actually been changed, the release notes didn't mention her).

    2) Varath, Normal difficulty Mired in Kobolds, solo player with hireling

    3) Varath, Normal difficulty, full group

    4) Sinvala, Elite difficulty, full group

    5) Sinvala, Elite difficulty, solo on a very geared level 15

    6) Aussircaex/Kalijarne encounter in Prey on the Hunter with players not interfering at all (to see how long it takes for the giants to win. The dragon has no chance unaided on the live server on any difficulty with any level of dungeon scaling but it would be interesting to see if this is still the case on Lama).

    7) Aussircaex/Kalijarne encounter, elite Prey: Do players die to the dragon's attacks in a way they don't on live?

    8) Aussircaex/Aussiroth optional encounter, normal Prey. (Keep in mind this is an easy but time consuming and SP-endurance based encounter on Live). What happens if you try to kite one of the dragons now?

    9) Aussircaex/Aussiroth optional encounter, elite Prey, level 19 characters in amazing gear. (Keep in mind this is a massive slog on Live that noone really ever runs because 300k of dragon HP takes forever to beat down with six people and wing buffets playing pinball with you)

    10) Tor dragon encounters, heroic normal, 4-player ungeared and inexperienced level 15-16 group

    11) Tor dragon encounters, heroic elite, 4-6-player geared and very experienced group that all have voice chat
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    There's also the dragon in Extraplanar Mining (house C challenges)- Auraxyllon.

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