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    Thumbs down Blasting Chime lvl 8-11 unable to get prior to level 12

    The Blasting Chime level 8-11 version require 400 Mephit Wings which one would not be able to get until level 12 from Explanar Mining: Buying Time. The same goes for the upgrade recipe from level 4-7 to level 8-11 require 200 Mephit Wings from a level 12 challenge.

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    You can enter the level 12-20 challenges at a lower character level than 12 if you have someone in your group that is 12+. (They don't need to enter the challenge at all and shouldn't).

    Someone used this to complete Epic Picture Portals 25 on a level 9-ish character a while back (as well as many people doing CR 25 crystal collection challenges at level 1).

    (Edit: Doesn't mean this issue shouldn't be fixed).
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    you can trade in your necro charms from the island to get your wings, and you dont need to be lvl 12. hope this helps
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