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spell traps are supposed to have a DC based on your int.

the problem is that you basically need actual focused caster DCs to be competitive, and i have yet to meet a rogue who has equal int to a well-built wizard, never mind enough int beyond that to compensate for not having spell focus and greater spell focus, and especially never mind enough int beyond that to compensate for not being able to use a spell focus item to increase the DC, and double especially never mind enough beyond that to compensate for not having heighten.

or, in other words... making the DC based on your int is clearly not enough. DC 10 + 1/2 (rogue + artificer) level + int would help.

UMD might help a bit, but really the problem is mostly setup time. if you could get DCs in the 60s, people might be willing to wait (and that would also be quite OP probably), but barring that... nobody is going to wait for you to set up those traps when you can get a much better result by just bringing along someone who can cast the spell in the first place, requiring much less time.
like i said, just set the DC = to your disable device score when setting the trap (not counting the thieves' tools bonus of course)
with the cooldown and the activation time on the traps, it's not really that broken
and if Mechanic PrE reduces cooldown and activation, it's a pretty nifty bonus