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    Default Can't hear or use mic.

    I have voicechat enabled in audio options, and I can hear every other game sound fine.
    When I press f to talk it lights up green. Some of the time. If it does(n't) it will persist the entire log on.

    Would love suggestion or ideas.
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    Is it a USB headset? Those tend to cause this problem if you sleep the computer. The devices get re-registered on wake and DDO gets confused about what Default Device means. You'll have to manually assign the audio devices to whatever their "friendly name" is in the audio control section of DDO and even then it won't work some of the time. This problem will likely persist until a reboot.

    If you've got a hard port connection headset, check to make sure the plugs are in all the way. Or reboot. Either way it's likely to be fixed.

    Best of luck!

    I really like your forum name. Coneheads; a much under appreciated bit of Americana.
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    Problem seems fixed btw.

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