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    Bummer. Really sad to see you go Rolla. Thanks for all the VONs you used to let me join.

    Good luck and I hope you find your way back someday.

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    Roll on into that sunset bro.
    Quote Originally Posted by Jessterman615 View Post
    STRESS(n.)- The confusion created, when ones mind overrides the body's basic desire to choke the living (fill in the blank) outta someone who desperately needs it.

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    Default Really? Oog...

    Quote Originally Posted by k0211312d View Post
    Singapore has adopted the conscription system[18months maybe]
    It's not optional that's mandatory.
    Same as south korea...

    * stay safe and good luck. I hope that's not the reason why you leave this game.
    I must admit outside of the conflicting reports on North Korea we get here in the States I am ignorant on SE Asian politics, if you don't mind my asking is this a new development and why?

    To OP - Good luck and hope all goes well with whatever you're doing
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    Nerf Happiness

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