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Aw man, is this true? I really wanted to make a Rogue that filled the lockpick/disarm niche that no one else could.
make a rogue. build it for DPS. recognize that building for DPS doesn't take away anything important from your ability to disarm traps or pick locks.

no feats are required, just gear and skill points, to be able to handle traps and locks. no attribute points are really truly required either, although having a bit of int helps with traps (which is useful for assassinate anyways), and a bit of dex (which is needed for DPS anyways) will help with locks.

so, basically... put enough into dex to be able to hit 21 without gear or enhancements (tomes are fine, though) by the time you hit level 21. put int to about 12 or 14. put at least 14 con, and the rest into strength, probably (though if you have enough points to get strength to 16 and still have leftovers, i'd try to find another home for those points - main point being, don't neglect strength entirely).

that will give you plenty of room for both DPS and traps/locks, and will make sure you're a useful party member even if there are no traps or locks whatsoever.