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    Default Just one?

    I've been playing this game on and off for like 2 years and I finally use the human race hearing how flexible they are... And then I find out I can't pick the same state with human greater come every other race can choose +2 to a stat through enhancements but humans can't? Is it the fact they can choose any stat?

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    Quote Originally Posted by EssenceofEvil View Post
    Is it the fact they can choose any stat?

    Most people can make use of at least two stats though.
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    The fact that they are the only ones that can choose racial +1 int, +1 wis and +1 cha more than makes up for it on casters. On melee, human adaptability is ridiculously strong, especially if your class has haste boost (fighter or rogue for instance).
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    Humans are already the best race as long as you're not making a one-dimensional character for all classes, a balanced character that can take 3+ roles are always better off being human. Humans don't need a buff.
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