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    Default Khyber: UT[78]: Recruiting more EU TZ Members!

    Hi and welcome to this recruitmentpost for Uber Troopers.

    We are a social mediumsized guild on Khyber.
    The main bulk of the guild are members that live in and play mostly during US TZ,
    and thats something the handful of us on the EU side are a bit jealous of.
    So we need you! *points finger*

    We offer:
    *A focused and active group of EU players who have a few different static groups
    going, that we switch around in depending on who is online or not.
    *Focus on leveling and completionist characters.
    *All around the clock gaming with members from the US TZ.
    *+2 ship.
    *TS Server for hanging out and/or playing.
    *Social and helpful atmosphere with no room for drama, but much room for learning.
    *Age-group of 25-40+.
    *Guildforum and active Facebook group.

    What we are looking for:
    *18ys+ members with a tolerance for adult sillyness and topics bordering on the
    obscene from time to time.
    *Ability and willingness to use voicecomms both ingame and Teamspeak. We are
    hanging there constantly while we play.
    *Activity. While we won't disregard your application if you only play a few hours
    per week, we really do want people who play daily first and foremost.
    *Chillaxed attitude without to much ego, we help each other first and foremost.
    *VIP or Premium players who own "all" content. While we appretiate the fact that
    you might be new to the game and are just trying it out, there is simply to much
    content you can't access to be able to play with us as a group as a F2P player.

    1. Respect my athoritah!
    2. Don't be a @¤&%!!
    3. See rule #1

    (For a more extensive rulesection see;

    If you are intrested in joining up and become a part of our merry little family,
    please contact me ingame on Deerp, Heerp, Roborock or Hobbil (in that order) either
    by /tell or mail. You can also send me a pm here on the forums, but be advised that
    I don't check it daily. Make sure you have a working mic since there will be a
    small interview done on voice.

    For US TZ people intrested in joining UT, please contact our esteemed guildleader

    Well met!
    Khyber4life ~ Heerp Deerp Fleerp Bleerp..
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    Khyber4life ~ Heerp Deerp Fleerp Bleerp..

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    Still looking for more, poke me and will hook you up!
    Khyber4life ~ Heerp Deerp Fleerp Bleerp..

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    Keep them applications rolling in!
    Khyber4life ~ Heerp Deerp Fleerp Bleerp..

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