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    Question When in Wraith Form I get the 100 percent fortification and currently equipped I have Heavy Fortification bringing my total to 200 percent is it worth it to have that item equipped or swap it out for something else does it have any benefit of having more then 100 percent

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    I dont know about reducing your fort by more than 100%, but there are enemies that can reduce your fort.

    From U13:
    Monsters with rogue levels and the Sneak Attack ability now have the ability to reduce fortification to personal attacks to some degree. For example, a CR 10 bugbear assassin with 4 Sneak Attack dice will now be able to critically-hit someone with heavy fortification approximately 10% of the time. That same bugbear will be unable to critically hit a character with 110% fortification.
    And of course, you will need the fort when you are not in form.
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    There are lots of reasons why that much fortification is good to have.
    1) As was pointed out, if you die, and are rezzzed, you will then be rezzzing with 100% fort, which is a good thing.

    2) Monsters can bypass your fortification. Green devils for example, noticable in vale. Usually it is a % equal to their CR for rougish mobs. This can go up to almost 60%.

    3) Other effects can reduce your fortification. There is a bard song that gives you -10% fortification. Combining this with mob fort bypass means that 200% fort is a good idea.
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    Thanks for your insight guys

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    The yugoloth +2 int potions also reduce fortification by 50%.

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    However, unless you are facing some of the enemies mentioned above 200% is overkill, if you have something more immediatly useful to put in the slot use that, and keep the fort item on hand ready to swap in if needed. My Wizard runs with the Darkstorm Helm at the moment, but Minos is quickbarred if Fort bypass looks like an issue.

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