So I've been loving the random loot drop from breakables. I love hearing that clang of a weapon or jingle of an accessory hitting the floor. Seems to me to be about 2or3% (maybe slightly higher)

So imagine my surprise when having done almost 2 complete runs of bring me the head of ghola fan (ransack 200+ each) and not getting a single random item. Gems , gold and potions galore but no spine tingling specials.

From my memory this was one of the few quests I remember getting a random suit of armor from before the change (ghola and mired in kobolds). As they only fell from stone jugs.

Just noted the oddness and figured it might just be dumb luck that 400+ breakables (I think ransack is something like 260 so actually 500+) and not getting a thing.

Anyone else run ghola and gotten something of the random loot variety from a breakable ?

Not the end of the world or anything even remotely a problem. I just noticed and wanted to bring it up to maybe get on the way , way , way back burner list.
If it is confirmed as an issue.