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    A lots changed in the game from a year ago. Vile Blasphemy, baubbles, Twisted talismans, and Torcs are a lot more useful to melee builds with the introduction of Epic Destinies. Arguably the torc is more useful to melees end game now.

    With the changes to AC and the torc's proc change its way more useful on someone taking constant damage now. From what I can tell Torc no longer procs unless the monster breaks your AC and DR and damages you. The damage monsters do in EE is insane now so taking damage on most blue bars isn't an option. Torc is really a lot more useful on melees ( with Epic Destinies or class abilities that use spell points) than on pure casters and healers now. Blue bar using Epic Destiny melees, Paladins, Druids, Battle Cleric/Favored Souls and Rangers are getting way more use out of it than Pure healbots, Sorcs, and wizards nowadays.

    Its hard to build a pure caster or healer that can self heal fast enough in EE content to make torcing the sp bar back up viable anymore and in any content under EE you probably aren't needing to refill your mana anyway nowadays.

    Torc is still decent for leveling a blue bar but end game its nearly worthless unless your a rare Warforged Sorc Hate tank or Pale Master tank.

    With having had to heal and cast in EE Citw and other EE quests and seeing how well cocoon and other spell point using abilities help I'll gladly let melees roll on SP items nowadays. Especially since the melees are constantly getting hit and regen the SP while my blue bars either have too much AC/DR/Miss chance for torc to proc or go down in 2 hits from an EE mob and rarely survive long enough to get any mana off a torc. I'd rather have a melee using the sp they get back from the torc or Vile Blasphemy click to save themselves when all heck breaks loose between mass heals or knockdowns instead of the item being wasted on myself when at most my healer or caster would get about 200 mana back from it during the course of the raid. I'd also much rather have them not having to use SF pots as that lowers their DPS greatly and the faster the group can beat down the monster saves me mana.
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    Default Well..

    You really can't say why so and so did something unless they tell you why!
    I find it amazing that people will say stuff like "dont judge" and then try to tell you and everyone else what you mean by such and such.Words like greed and hate or envy are really not for you to decide,after all how can you?It not likely you could over voice chat or the dialouge box.I wasn't there so I cant say either so the only thing you can really do is squelch them so that it doesn't happen again.

    As far as pug groups go I preffer them I honestly get tired of the same ole people with the same tired excuses for why they are late getting into the quest and hold on the phone again or my kid blah blah(if you have kids stop playing games and let your children have the fun now).Whith a pug it doesnt matter because I will not have to group with them regularly.My only regret is that they stop me from soloing raids mot all but many of them like the black habit,lame that it cant be comp;leted solo!

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    Default well

    Quote Originally Posted by xSeverinax View Post
    Just so I understand this correctly, a vile blasphemy was put up for roll with no restrictions, then after seeing who won the roll you changed the rules and put restrictions on who could roll?

    Sure he may have been a first life melee, but he clearly stated he was going to TR and use it.

    After treating the person like that you must have huge cahones to come here and brag about how you screwed him over and then blubber like a little crybaby because he didn't give you his litany. I don't want his name - it's you I would be avoiding.

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    This is why we cant have nice things.

    I figure for the most part your loot your call. If you post something in the LFM comment when you create the party/raid then they are ok with the rule, otherwise dont join. Expecting others to know and follow unposted courtesy ideals is only going to lead to more of these situations. Most of you bring up good points but everyone has their own view, if you say you have never gotten mad about something that happened in in ddo i dont believe you.

    Everyone is obviously gonna remember sometime when they got "screwed" just try to remember when someone gave/passed an item you won as well.

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