So, a few of you may remember me posting a thread (here) about a movie I am making called Nightmare. Well....

We launched a Kickstarter today! The funds raised will be used to shoot the last two scenes of the movie (they will be shot anyway, but with funding, the will look way better than without...). But, the biggest things are it will get the movie into festivals and most importantly, on DVD.

Now, I'm not going to bug you guys and beg you for money (however, please back this!) However, look at this more of pre-ordering the dvd (and for $50, you get the collectors edition!) or, buying collectable props from a movie while helping a fellow DDO player out.

Very simple process, and you can't lose out! If we successfully fund, you get all the awesome goodies you wanted, and if it doesn' aren't charged and nothing happens (though, you will still get to see the movie, but not sure how we will be getting it out there.)

So, here it is. If nothing else, maybe share it with a few friends and get the word out for me! Thanks guys!