Ive used it for quite a while now before switching over to LD and FOTW . Ive tried it on a lvl 25 Ranger and my main monkcher .

The list below will provide my personnel opinion of the tree , What needs to be improved , And what's currently fine as is . I do like the destiny in certain areas and i love the flavor of it i guess .

The innates are ok i guess , Really would like to see some of the % chances increased . Especially on the lower tier abilities !!

Wild shots is junk , No offense to the creator !!

Stay frosty is cool , I would like to see the % to proc increased or raise the proc dmg .

Prism , I take it cause i need it for double rainbow !! I remember stat dmg not being relevant to epic monsters anyway or did this change with u14 ??

Pin , Amazing cc/ dmg enhancer !!

Rainbow is alright maybe a 14% chance would make it more useful .

Otto's whistler , This is the best ability in the entire destiny !

Whirling wrist , Never used it but i imagine it's the best thing possible for a thrower build , Would prob need to be nerfed down if they ever intend to make thrower builds viable .

Stay good , I haven't used it yet do too the fact that the 3rd tier is broken !! But for a 4th level ed stance i would up the dmg if not the % chance .

Double rainbow , Not the greatest dps but i do love the flavor , 7% chance to go off and 1 in 20 % it will do something meaningful = lol Up the % here or see ending statement !!

In the weeds , It's rare you find a ranged char with a to hit problem especially while being in this destiny !!! Suggestion = Make it into a feat that further improves your point blank range .

Track , As a top tier ability , Do we really need another form of attack bonus . Most of us do not have a to hit problem . Maybe this should be further reducing ones fortification instead . What about adding another threat range or maybe 3/6/9 damage from tracking them u should learn a little about them or something . Maybe it would be like you learn there vulnerable areas !!!

Nerve venom , Awesome as it is !!

The epic moment = Rain of arrows = epic fail !! not consistent / buggy / bad dps / can't kill one full hp EE monster during it's duration - even if it landed every second , maybe im off maybe not idk , i rarely see it finishing off 10 % hp left spiders !!

That's it for me . Main suggestion = Up the % chances , maybe throw in a crit range increase , Allow spellpower to affect procs !! Can you give us more in the terms of mainstream dps increase then just the 2 or 3 points from innates

I know they said that would be really hard . But who's job is easy ! I know mine isn't but i spend my hard earned money here !!!