There has been alot of questions about the bardcher build I designed, some people asked questions about it, some people said it plain sucked, other people said it was only viable when doing pvp.
Few days ago, I finally hit lvl 25 and farmed destinies a bit and decided to go on a EE solo tour, starting with the easiest and slowly going more and more difficult.

My first real solo on this toon was a EE BoB. This quest is very easy on any caster/divine, yet it is slightly harder on a bardcher, due to lack of instakills (except for PWK scrolls, which are too hard to get so I don't want to waste em if it's not 100% needed). Tactics as generally enthralling a group of mobs, Pin one then take em down melee or occasionally (twice) manyshot + pin for quick kills. Minotaur was easy but took a while as he has quite the HP. Kobold was easy and fast, only burning blood spams hurt a bit.
Run was a bit messy as a first and took a total of 42 minutes (timed from training dummy buff, because I slotted guild augments quickly before entering searing heights, but after shippies), most time being spent on mino as in my first unbridled manyshot he suddenly hit me for alot of damage, forcing me to healand spend almost 10 seconds