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    Default Longsword advice needed...

    I am a level 17 Pali / 3 Monk
    I have 400% healing amp
    I have just hit level 20.
    I am trying to craft a long sword (2d8 min lvl 20) for general usage for lvls 20-24.

    Should I make:
    a. +5 Silver <holy burst> longsword of <vampirism>
    b. +5 Adamantine <wounding> longsword of <vampirism>
    c. +5 <metal type> <prefix> longsword of <vampirism>

    If you pick c. please fill in the metal and prefix types

    Thank you very much

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    How about flametouched iron metalline of vampirism? Should cover everything.

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    For general use, you'd be best off with Holy (Burst) Cold Iron, for breaking DR.

    But bear in mind that no one weapon will serve in every instance.

    If you're not taking damage that you need the vampirism to counteract, the Oathblade will dominate any crafted longsword you could make except for maybe a holy burst/greater bane (and even then, I'm not so sure).
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    I think I'll second the One Blade does not fit All situations camp.

    Depending on what you run different DR Breakers can make a difference

    Good/Holy + Adamantine = Lord of Blades
    Good/Holy + Silver = Devils (ToD/Shroud)
    Good/Holy + Cold Iron = Demons

    Evil/Unholy + Cold Iron = Eladrin

    Flametouched + metalline would cover everything but the evil side. Adding Evil Outsider Bane would add extra damage and bonus for all but Lord Of Blades.

    However, have you thought of making your off-hand weapon more utility and putting vampirism there and adding extra damage to your primary weapon instead?

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    Default thank you

    I should have stated the vamp Longsword is my off hand weapon.
    Seems to be more demons than devils in MotU.
    So <cold iron> <holy bust> is looking good

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    That's the point where specialized weapons really shine. Banishing, Disruption, Smiting, greater elf bane...

    For general use if you can get a timeblade quickly, it's worth it.

    The best longsword in the game is the epic sirroco, but that one can be a pain to farm.
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