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    Default Store Improvements - my suggestions

    I've noticed some things about the design of the DDO store that I would consider deficiencies in utility. Among them, I would include these things:

    Warnings, Details

    - a seeming lack of account/character bound indicator icon/logo/text on items with such restrictions (if everything was bound, a single, obvious warning in the store would be okay)

    Menu Load Times and Navigation (incredibly slow and sluggish)

    - make the menu selection use the same space
    so: Account->Adventures->Low Level would cause
    the menu (the main one on the left) to change to show the deeper menu,
    and have a back button (reset on search maybe?)
    * maybe this would actually improve performance by reducing the need to render a new window piece,
    and just change the text in the existing one (maybe only in cases where the menu has the same number
    of options or less?)?

    Purchase Comparison (you're going to do this anyway, why not make it a little simpler?)

    - a way to compare your purchases, i.e. is buying necropolis as a bundle a point
    savings or merely a convenience purchase option

    - for adventures and other things, if there is convenience purchase options(several things you might
    want to buy at once) -- but not a point savings, show an option to select that on each items page
    to save you the time of having to go find the bundle as a separate item

    What I already have, and can't don't want to purchase again (filtering is nice, but only works on individual searches)

    - show a list of things you have already (adventures, char slots, bank upgrades, etc)

    It's kind of a pain to have to navigate four or five levels down to find a specific upgrade

    - show all the items in a non bottom level category together (e.g. show all the storage
    and bags for characters rather than selecting just inventory storage)
    - coupons with 5 uses that only work on a single unit of the item (e.g. free x)
    ought to work with a 5 set of the same item and/or setting the quantity to 5 and
    correspondingly use up all 5 uses of the coupon


    Anyone have something to add to these or know if any of this exists already, but isn't easy to find/use?
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    agree - +1 OP

    just make it so we can buy the most often purchased items in game through existing vendors with astral shards - if done the way it is currently with amenities and gold seal hirelings - will actually cost less.

    examples: cakes, potions (xp, renown, healing, buff), ingredients (crafting), heck - make it so you can purchase a P2P adventure at the quest entrance!

    Raid bypass timers at quest givers.

    This eliminates 90% of the load on the store - encourages convenience sales since they are easy and simple. Only reason to go into store is to by character / account upgrades, and astral shards.

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