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    "The best" can be very subjective.....

    This is the most objective (imo) list one can come up with by simply screening the achievement section of the forums:

    1. Ranger: Shatan (solo all raids)
    2. FVS: Vevay (one of the first (if not the first) to solo all epics)
    3. Monk: Footsie (solo shroud)
    4. Rogue: Krimsonrane (i think (i can be wrong) the only rogue that soloed epic LOD before U14 on Orien)
    5. can probably find more people there, I was lazy to go through all pages......

    Here is the list of people I like playing with and believe are great at what they do:

    1. Sorcerer: Alcena
    2. Healer: Dahaun/Shyren
    3. Some monk based mambo-jumbo: Vvork
    4. Any class as long as he is not responsible for your health bar: Llegolas
    5. Tank: Ssnake
    6. Person to pike xp from: Sidekicks
    7. Soul Stone: Chirpy
    8. Gimp: Trap
    9. Elf: Veriden (I hope he ll change his mind....)
    10. ...
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