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    Default Greater Reincarnation

    Currently a Greater Heart of Wood costs 600 TP more than Lesser heart of Wood. The only difference is that the former upgrades a 28 point build character to a 32 point build character. Once a player has unlocked or purchased 32 point build, there is little incentive to buy a Greater Heart of Wood, except maybe to upgrade existing 28 point build characters. I would like to suggest to allow the change of race for greater reincarnation. This will give players more options to customize their characters. For example, a player who has just bought a new race could choose to greater reincarnate one of his/her characters to that race. This will also encourage players to buy new races as they know there is an option to "upgrade" their characters' race. I think it will benefit both players and Turbine. Thank you.
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    /signed Race change should be included in one of the Lesser/Greater Hearts of Wood. When you are a casual player on your 3rd and final life, getting to level 20 is challenging. I would like to ditch Dwarf for Human or Helf Monk.

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    going through a lesser or greater, you don't actually kill yourself for a tree only to be reincarnated as something else. you are just readjusting stats and skills pretty much. a race change doesn't make sense unless you true reincarnate.

    offer to spend extra money and maybe Turbine will listen and they will change a storyline to fit a race change into a lesser or greater. maybe sacrifice your life for a rock instead.

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    The call for Race Change reincarnation is made again. I will again raise my objection to this common request. Race and gender are the two unalterable traits locked in at conception. To change those would be a bridge too far IMO and are best served by rerolling.
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