I'm warning you, I'm angry, and its my rant here.

I was farming weapons shipment to get bauble, then I'm usually putting LFM after it was done, and pop chests with whoever joined in 5 minutes.

People gets money, arrowheads, boots mats and vendor trash and I got better chance to pull item.
But today, it turns out I'm an evil person because of that.

Few minutes later after I looted and recalled the guy was sending me some tells. I don't know how much, because i squelched him after 1st one.

I really don't know what to say.
I'm not forcing anyone to join, I'm not forbiding anyone to complete quest on their own, and farming their baubles. Everyone who joined was usually happy about getting chests without putting much effort into doing something, they seemed to be sad that they can't pass me bauble I'm after.

I don't know what caused this noob's behaviour.
Is it trend to want rewards handed to some players with 0 contribution, is just trolling, or maybe wanting something in return for loot is indeed greed? I doubt it, but the world seem to be changing too fast for me to catch up.

rant off

I'm going to farm this quest until I get that item. I just don't know should I give out chests to people.