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    Default Sundering Swings Question

    I'm curious to see if this ability is properly working. Last I read it was quite borked. By that I mean:

    Breaking weapons: removing primary damage bonus effects, fixed by re-equipping the weapon(I think this was first noticed on handwraps, then later started effecting other weapon types).
    Incorrect DCs: Very basic DC, not modified by character Str or Tactical Bonuses.
    Wrong Improved Sunder: Using the older version of Improved Sunder that didn't have a stacking fort debuff, even if the effect failed

    Because of the wording of the ability(wording below), I wanted to test it on ranged attacks. But due to the bugs with it I wanted to be sure it was at least using the correct form of Improved Sunder(correct DC and Fort Debuff) first.

    Sundering Swings: Active Ability: (Cooldown 1 min) For the next [9/12/15] seconds, all attacks you make apply an Improved Sunder effect on hit.
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    Sundering Swings is still borked.
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